On the 24th of November 2022, our family embarked on a new adventure as we relocated from Johannesburg, South Africa to the UK. Although it was difficult to say goodbye to our loved ones, we were filled with both sadness and anticipation. Kingsbridge was our chosen destination, a place we had frequented for vacations over the past decade. It had always been on our list to possibly make it our permanent home, and it's incredible how dreams can become reality.


In South Africa, Craig and Katie successfully ran a business that empowered women and also had a small coffee shop within one of their distribution centers. When we arrived in Kingsbridge, we found ourselves drawn to Fika, a wonderful coffee shop where we would enjoy a cup of coffee almost every day. We often joked that if it ever went up for sale, we would buy it. Well, destiny had different plans, and in July 2023, Fika indeed went up for sale. Without hesitation, we seized the opportunity and took over this well-established coffee house at the beginning of summer.


The transition was not without its challenges, especially with our four kids being on holiday, but Katie and I tackled them together and made it possible. It was an overwhelming start, but thanks to our incredible staff, as well as the support of our lovely locals and holidaymakers, we had a record-breaking month. We are filled with excitement for the future of Fika and the direction we plan to steer it in. As a family, we hold a deep passion for bringing joy and happiness to everyone we encounter, and we genuinely hope to keep you smiling and enjoying your daily cup of coffee with us.

With love,

The Douglas Clan