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{fee-ka} • Swedish / to sit with your family, friends or colleagues, & take a coffee or tea, often with something sweet on the side.

Hej, welcome!

Our journey began just 8 months ago when we moved over to the UK, November 2022 from Johannesburg, South Africa. We have always loved Kingsbridge as we have been to the area on many holidays to visit family over the years. We stayed in Modbury for the first 2 months on arrival before we found a beautiful home in West Charleton, where we moved end of January 2023.

We discovered Fika not long after being here and fell in love with it the minute we saw it. It became our favourite spot to have a morning coffee or breakfast. We have built a wonderful relationship with Julie and Abby over the last couple of months and are honoured to be taking it over.

It is a beautiful spot where family and friends can come together and relax over a cup of coffee. The ambience is always so welcoming and we are blessed to be embarking on this exciting journey.

We are very family orientated as we have 4 beautiful children of our own. We hope to bring happiness and love to many lives on the journey ahead in Fika.

Much love
The Douglas Clan

Coffee Freezo

Coffee freezo is a South African speciality, the perfect combination of coffee powder, ice and milk.

It is super refreshing for those hot summer days and whats better is it tastes even better than it sounds.

It reminds us of home and we thought it would be something special to share with the locals.

Salad of the day


Salad of the day

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  • Salad of the Day
    Halloumi, avocado and crispy bacon with spinach, tomatoes and cucumber with a delicious French dressing

Overnight Oats


Overnight Oats

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Protein Smoothie

Customers say

  • A bright and airy coffee shop with cosy, comfortable seating. Super friendly service from the staff, great coffee and delicious food (I had the Reuben sandwich)
    Esh Amram
  • Lovely little coffee house with a small but well executed breakfast menu. Best cappuccino EVER. Well priced, good portions and nice interior.
    Rose Sanger
  • What an amazing cafe! My daughter Jessica and I have been here the last 4 days in a row for delicious breakfast and coffee. The family that run the cafe are so friendly and welcoming. We can't wait to come back the next time we're in Kingsbridge
    Kate Dowler
  • Fabulous! Enjoyed a delicious breakfast here today. Wonderful service too! Highly recommended.
    Tim Keen